Contingency Group

Contingency Group was founded in 2005, in Hong Kong. Shanghai office branch opened in 2010.  We are a research-based company, specialized in crisis communications consulting and we serve the clients across the globe, with southeast Asia as the main market. Our main job is to develop communication techniques that minimize the disruption and financial impact of a sudden or approaching events so the client's operations can be returned to normal operations as soon as possible with minimal disruption.

Our company has achieved a distinct position in the crisis-consulting field. There are numerous attributes that distinguish Contingency Group from public relations agencies that offer crisis communications as one of their services and consulting firms that get involved in various aspects of contingency planning and disaster management.

Our crisis management plans are based on the "crash cart" approach used in hospital emergency rooms, but with worksheets for the client's most likely critical situations that can be accessed quickly in chaotic conditions. Contingency Group's plans have been used in many crisis situations involving industrial and environmental accidents, the sudden death of executives and in the aftermath of natural disasters.