Contingency Group

Contingency Group was founded in 2005, in London, United Kingdom and the Manchester office branch opened in 2010.  We are a research-based company, specialising in crisis communications consulting. Our clients are based globally, with southeast Asia representing our main market. Our main role is to develop communication techniques that minimise the disruption and financial impact of sudden or approaching events. In this way, our clients’ operations can return to normal promptly and with minimal disruption.

Contingency Group is not a public relations agency or consulting firm with a disaster-management arm, this is our core business. As such, our company has achieved a distinct position in the crisis-consulting field. We deal solely with Crisis Management, enabling us to the be the best in our field.

Our crisis management plans are founded on the "crash cart" approach utilised in hospital emergency rooms. Contingency Group's plans have resolved numerous, significant, crisis situations. These have included industrial and environmental accidents, the sudden death of executives and the aftermath of natural disasters. Let us assist your organisation in planning and preparing for the unpredictable.